Monday, 29 October 2007


After last fridaynight I felt a bit ipsi. Why? I'd been shaking my maracas 'till the early hours at the so called IpsYlon Festival at Bar & Boos, Leiden.
On IpsY nights any artist who wants to perform, jam, read poetry,paint, beam visuals,anything, is welcome. People bring instruments and equipment and share them. There are no boundaries between spectators and performers, the band is playing on the dancefloor in between the dancing crowd, and the DJ is playing along with the music from the floor. And with chalk the floor is a canvas too. It sure produced Living Art...
I guess it was kind of like those Merry Prankster Events in the Summer Of Love, '67, but without the spiked punch, so everybody more or less was able to play in tune, and we shared some truly extatic moments. The idea for this event came up in the head of artist Jeroen Keereweer while baking pancakes with a friend. I don't know what was in the pancakes but it worked.

Here we see Jeroen and a guest working on a 'Y' somewhere about a quarter to four, or was it five? IpsYlon is Real. Ipse or whatever the facto!


Eelco said...

As someone who is heavily influenced by Jack Kerouac in his wrtiings and by The Grateful Dead in his music, I can't help but smile at your Merry Prankster reference. It's great to see you so got into the geist of the evening! I hope you'll be attending ipsYlon this year as well. And if you wouldn't mind sharing them, could you send these photographs to the ipsYlon website (, so I can post them in our Gallery.

Thanx for this feedback! I just happened to come across it. Knowing that we are getting our ideas across, and that people appreciate it that makes it all worth while and encourages me to keep the ipsYlon spirit alive!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that brought me back!
What a great review, indeed, this kinda feedback is good to see and good to spread around to others.

We all meet in sound...

'Till the next jam session

Musical Chairs